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Is Your Corporate Culture Strong Enough?

In a recent leadership training engagement, our client learned 33% came because of the corporate culture and88% stay because of the corporate culture.

Brand and Culture are big buzz words these days. After studying, building, and communicating brands for over 20 years, I want to boil down a couple key observations. Brand and Culture are a big deal, period. Especially when it comes to recruiting and retention. Talent is drawn to the big brands—Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Home Depot, Wells Fargo, etc. All are well-branded companies that all of us are familiar with. We know the Apple icon, the Facebook favicon, and the Wells Fargo stagecoach. That is the brand identity (logotype or logomark), the component that we are most familiar with—we immediately recognize the golden arches or Nike swoosh. But what do we know about their core values and character? These are questions that top talent want to know. The big name or logo might draw them in, but top talent today requires more than just a pretty facade.

It is the internal reflection that we hear about that really gets talent interested. It’s the character of a company that draws in top talent and keeps talent. In a recent survey from one of our executive leadership training sessions—leaders said 33% of them were drawn to their organization by culture, but 88% of them stay because of the culture. Just think if people talked about Apple or Google as if they were uncaring, capitalistic opportunists, that worked their teams to the bone. Would you think they would have the success they are having? Probably not. Top brands know the importance of their culture and their people. Great brands attract top talent, but great culture keeps top talent. These stories that we hear and read about regarding the ability to bring your dog to the office, unlimited vacation, and flexible work schedules aren’t just hip innovations of happenstance. They’re the cornerstones of building teams, cultures, and profitable brands.

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