COVID-19: Staying Engaged and Being Prepared

COVID-19 has produced a lot of displaced workers, employees in transition, and uncertainty across all levels of the workforce. Although some of our projects have been put on hold, we are still operating as usual and continue to use multiple digital means to stay connected with our team and our clients.

These are circumstances that no one has ever experienced, and we want to do our part to help you stay engaged and prepared. In our efforts to figure out how we might help—we have decided to offer a few free live, online workshops and will be sending out invitations shortly.  In the meantime, please be safe, and stay healthy.

Talent Curve Snapshot
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Employee Engagement, Leadership Development, and Career Transition…

Since acquiring the leadership development consultancy of Leathers Milligan & Associates (LM&A) of Phoenix, Arizona, Talent Curve is proud to announce our new membership with OI Global Partners. With a history of serving clients across the country, this partnership positions us to bolster our reach not only in the United States, but around the globe. Learn more about OI Global Partners here.

As a woman-owned small business, our CEO, Anne Brister, understands what it takes to be successful. Having made the Inc. 5000 and Inc. 500 lists of America’s fastest growing companies, Brister is no newcomer. Being recognized for one of the industry’s top products of the year by Human Resource Magazine, Anne knows all too well that success is based on being able to understand the needs of her clients, and then being able to meet and exceed those needs. In her pursuit to expand Talent Curve’s capacity, she found that Leathers Milligan was a natural fit. Brister stated that similar client verticals, similar focus and a great team at LM&A were all  considerations throughout the acquisition process.

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Our Clients

The industries we represent include healthcare, technology, state and local government, construction, aerospace, insurance, utility, education, and more..

What our customers said

"I was kind of nervous when my company connected me with an executive coach; I wasn’t sure what to expect. Let me say that the experience was amazing. My coach worked with me on some pretty sophisticated assessments to identify my strengths and find ways that I could improve. Together, we put together a plan and then worked it while keeping my boss in the loop. I am definitely a better and more confident leader thanks to Talent Curve. " - Terrance Klein (Creative Director)
"I was getting ready for an interview for my “dream job” at a Nationally Ranked hospital on the other side of the country. But when I saw the schedule, I was overwhelmed. My coach calmly helped me organize my priorities, provided guidance in getting my resume, bio, and agenda published in a banded portfolio and prepared me mentally. I didn’t just survive the "marathon,” I got the job! I am so thankful to my coach and her team at Talent Curve for helping me land my Dream Job. " - Jennifer Raya (Hospital Administrator)
"I love the fact that the people I deal with at Talent Curve all have operational leadership experience in the real world; they are not just “theorists.” They understand what is practical and what is not. I also like the fact that they are focused on the task at hand - the outcome we are seeking - and achieving it as cost effectively as possible. They get it that you don’t need a five billion dollar bridge to cross a twenty-five foot creek. " - Josh Hoffman (Business Owner)