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Outplacement—It’s Not About What You Say…It’s What You Do

Three people in an office setting in a deep discussion. Outplacement

We’ve all seen the news and it’s true- unemployment is at 3.8%- the lowest it’s been since 1969! So if unemployment is so low, do you really need outplacement services? Of course!

While downsizing may currently be on the decline, rightsizing continues to be a popular method of reorganizing and streamlining an organization. When layoffs take place, it can make the remaining employees uneasy and maybe even cause them to look for other employment. If you want to retain loyal employees, you need to show them loyalty as well. The best pay to promote loyalty is to give it back to your employees through the use of outplacement programs.

Why Outplacement?

  1. Outplacement programs increase company morale & help to gain & retain top talent. Good employees want to work for a company that cares about them- even after they have departed.
  2. It eases the stress & anger associated with job loss. Understandably, it’s common for employees who have suffered a job loss to deal with a lot of stress and negative emotions. Working with a career coach can help alleviate those feelings and move them towards a more positive mindset…and fast.
  3. Employees find new positions faster.  The job market is ever-changing and is totally different today than even 5 years ago. The fact is, job search skills are unpracticed on a day-to-day basis. Working with an experienced coach streamlines the process and teaches them how to structure their job search.
  4. Maintains company reputation. In today’s world, disgruntled employees aren’t just badmouthing their former employer to their friends and family- they are posting it all over the internet. Whether it be Glassdoor, Yelp or Facebook- if an employee has a poor experience, you will read about it online. Offering a program to help a departing employee find their next position greatly reduces the risk of damaging the company’s reputation.