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Workers are on the Move

Workers with a briefcase heading out a door with the word exit next to him.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that more workers are quitting their jobs than any time since 2001, so it is more important than ever for HR and business leaders to invest in their employees pay, training, benefits and personal development.

Perhaps the Culprit Is the Lack of Management to Recognize the Changing Workplace

According to the Gallup Poll 2015 “State of the American Workplace”, annual reviews, forced rankings, outdated competencies don’t really give management the results that are needed to adequately evaluate their workforce. So are we simply out of touch with the REAL needs of our employees and therefor they disengage and go to the highest bidder? According to the same poll, we have 100 million workers engaged in full time jobs. Only 1/3 of those workers are fully engaged with their jobs. Not only are they not engaged, they pretty much destroy the efforts of the most engaged employees. The remaining 51% of the employees are not engaged…they simply show up. Those statistics are terrifying for most corporate leaders.

Employers who focus on replacing outdated management processes with ones that enhance workplace cultures and support engagement can drive their percentage of engaged workers much higher than the average. Those corporations have less turnover and a higher rate of job satisfaction.

What do workers REALLY want?

  • Fair Pay
  • Benefits
  • Employee engagement
  • Training
  • A career path

Employees have attitudes about what a job should be and should not be. Many of today’s workers are millennials and they approach a company with a highly defined set of expectations. They want to learn and they want development.

If your organization is ill prepared for developing your employees in today’s ever-changing employment landscape, contact Talent Curve to find out more.