The Future of Your Company May Lie in Executive Coaching

A group of employees working collaboratively with sticky notes.

Every company faces new challenges and must overcome slumps at some time or another. Your executive team can be integral to tackling these issues head-on, but they may not prepared to do so. Or, while you employ highly skilled people, and have good systems and processes for getting things done, your company is stagnant. It […]

Leadership Development Keeps Pace with Today’s Challenges

A group of people working collaboratively in an office setting.

Given that 81% of new hires fail and the true cost of bad hires can be significant, many companies are choosing to train, hire and develop their leadership teams internally. They are investing in their leaders to prepare them for new opportunities and any unforeseen changes that today’s world may bring. Requirements for today’s leaders. […]

Is Your Corporate Culture Strong Enough?

In a recent leadership training engagement, our client learned 33% came because of the corporate culture and88% stay because of the corporate culture.

Brand and Culture are big buzz words these days. After studying, building, and communicating brands for over 20 years, I want to boil down a couple key observations. Brand and Culture are a big deal, period. Especially when it comes to recruiting and retention. Talent is drawn to the big brands—Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Home […]

Outplacement—It’s Not About What You Say…It’s What You Do

Three people in an office setting in a deep discussion.

We’ve all seen the news and it’s true- unemployment is at 3.8%- the lowest it’s been since 1969! So if unemployment is so low, do you really need outplacement services? Of course! While downsizing may currently be on the decline, rightsizing continues to be a popular method of reorganizing and streamlining an organization. When layoffs take place, […]

It’s Not What You Say—But How You Say It

In a recent client leadership session, 100% of leaders acknowledged that it's not just what you say, but how you say it!

Talent Curve / Leathers Milligan has been helping leaders with communications for decades. In a recent training engagement, every single leader present acknowledged that it wasn’t necessarily what you say—but how you say it, that matters. So, why does it matter? One common mistake in communication is passing the blame to the other party if […]

When the New Normal Becomes a Reality

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When the new normal becomes a reality, there will be a few things that will not change in the world of Human Capital Management. Employee development will be one of those things. More than ever employees want to know where they stand with their company. They will be focused on their future, and on their […]