Outplacement and Human Capital Strategy

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Transition Policies are Critical Ingredients of a Corporation’s Human Capital Strategy Employee transition is one of the 3 legs of human capital strategy. It is foundational to the trust relationship that needs to exist between the employee and employer to effect true human capital strategic alignment. So, when it becomes necessary to change the relationship, […]

Six Reasons Why Your Best Employees Leave—And How You Can Prevent It

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You have a terrific employee on staff. They shine in their work and commitment to the company—or so you thought. Until the day they ask to speak to you behind closed doors and tender their resignation. Your stomach sinks. Of course, your first question is why? The answer most likely lies within. For some reason, […]

Signs of Unhappy Employee

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As Abraham Lincoln said, “you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” Your employees, however, are the ones you should always try to keep happy and engaged, because if they aren’t, your business could be in for some trouble. How can you tell if an employee is unhappy? Here are some telltale […]

Uncovering Employee Strengths and Applying Them to Your Team

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It makes sense that employees will work better and be more engaged if you as a manager are playing to their strengths. How do you figure out what their strengths are? Here are some ways to help you find out what your employees are best at and use those talents to benefit your whole team. […]

Keeping Remote Employees Connected and Engaged

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Working remotely is getting to be nearly as normal as working in an office. In fact, last year, 43 percent of employed Americans spent at least part of their time working remotely, according to a Gallup survey. Of course, there are major benefits that come from telecommuting—avoiding traffic and flexible hours, just to name a […]

The Future of Your Company May Lie in Executive Coaching

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Every company faces new challenges and must overcome slumps at some time or another. Your executive team can be integral to tackling these issues head-on, but they may not prepared to do so. Or, while you employ highly skilled people, and have good systems and processes for getting things done, your company is stagnant. It […]

Leadership Development Keeps Pace with Today’s Challenges

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Given that 81% of new hires fail and the true cost of bad hires can be significant, many companies are choosing to train, hire and develop their leadership teams internally. They are investing in their leaders to prepare them for new opportunities and any unforeseen changes that today’s world may bring. Requirements for today’s leaders. […]

Is Your Corporate Culture Strong Enough?

In a recent leadership training engagement, our client learned 33% came because of the corporate culture and88% stay because of the corporate culture.

Brand and Culture are big buzz words these days. After studying, building, and communicating brands for over 20 years, I want to boil down a couple key observations. Brand and Culture are a big deal, period. Especially when it comes to recruiting and retention. Talent is drawn to the big brands—Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Home […]

Outplacement—It’s Not About What You Say…It’s What You Do

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We’ve all seen the news and it’s true- unemployment is at 3.8%- the lowest it’s been since 1969! So if unemployment is so low, do you really need outplacement services? Of course! While downsizing may currently be on the decline, rightsizing continues to be a popular method of reorganizing and streamlining an organization. When layoffs take place, […]