What Role Does DEI Play in Your Workplace Culture?

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How happy and engaged is your workforce? It’s not easy to objectively examine factors that can affect performance and turnover, especially in the daily rush of trying to complete every item on your ever-expanding to-do list. Management and HR leadership professionals wear many hats, responsible for not only reaching goals but also nurturing talent and […]

What are Training and Development Trends for 2023?

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Successful managers and decision-makers are the ones who know how to anticipate changes and roll with them as multiple factors continue to wreak havoc on morale and retention. In the wake of pandemic policies, social unrest and economic uncertainty, training and development initiatives must focus on worker-first policies. Perks and fringe benefits in the office […]

Six Reasons Why Your Best Employees Leave—And How You Can Prevent It

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You have a terrific employee on staff. They shine in their work and commitment to the company—or so you thought. Until the day they ask to speak to you behind closed doors and tender their resignation. Your stomach sinks. Of course, your first question is why? The answer most likely lies within. For some reason, […]

Signs of an Unhappy Employee

An unhappy employee sitting at a laptop looking upset with a man standing behind her.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” Your employees, however, are the ones you should always try to keep happy and engaged, because if they aren’t, your business could be in for some trouble. How can you tell if you have an unhappy employee? Here are some […]

Increase the Profound Impact of Strengths Interventions – How to increase company profits by focusing on your team’s strengths.

A group of employees working collaboratively at an office to increase company profits

Businesses often have one main goal – increase company profits. Given low workplace engagement and high worker expectations about their jobs, companies need to focus on playing to the strengths of their employees, rather than help them improve on their weaknesses. Traditionally, employees are assigned where they are most needed in the organization, rather than […]