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When the New Normal Becomes a Reality

A person looking at an ipad with the word development above. New Normal

When the new normal becomes a reality, there will be a few things that will not change in the world of Human Capital Management. Employee development will be one of those things. More than ever employees want to know where they stand with their company. They will be focused on their future, and on their personal and corporate development. 

Career pathing will be top of mind. They may have been furloughed, terminated by another company or asked to work from home. Bottom line uncertainty and suspect of their future will be the new normal that corporate leaders will be experiencing from their employees. How do you plan to address this?

Employees will need support from their leaders. They should be provided support and assistance in developing their career path. Leaders should be engaged and provide consistent, mission focused leadership. There must be diversity at the leadership level ; leaders will need to be more flexible.

Organizations that provide training, coaching, assessments and viable career pathing have more engaged employees. That was a fact before the Pandemic, and it will need to be addressed even more after the Pandemic.

Bottom line, employees need to know that their companies are concerned about their growth and are willing to provide avenues to facilitate that growth. They need to know that there is an ongoing system in place that will enhance their skills and knowledge. The ROI for the company is that engaged employees provide the avenues that are needed to fulfill the company’s mission. That is a win win for the company and for the employee.

Written by: Carletta Waddler, Sr. Vice President Talent Curve, LLC.

Talent Curve is a certified woman-owned small business since 1998. Talent Curve has locations in Phoenix, Arizona, Cary, North Carolina and Gaithersburg, Maryland. We have worked with a variety of industries that include healthcare, technology, telecommunications, government, non-profit, construction, aerospace, insurance, utility, education and more. 

Our experience and consistent success has resulted in long-term relationships with many of the most respected brands across diverse industries. Our core competencies are training, leadership training, career transitioning, and coaching/executive coaching.