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Leadership During Uncertainty

Gears grinding together with the word leadership

Leadership During Uncertainty

When was there ever a time that there wasn’t uncertainty? The truth of the matter is that there has always been uncertainty, and there always will be uncertainty in life and in business. Do we actually think that our ancestors expected WWII or the Great Depression? They did not, and they could not have expected the impact that those two events would have nationally and globally. 

Yet out of those horrific, historic occurrences, leaders, like cream, rose to the top and yes, they led. Not only did they lead they led with courage, innovation, empathy and new sustainable ideas. This virus provides an opportunity to think differently about how we lead others, sustain the companies we work for, and somehow reach the other side of this challenge in a better place.

When it comes to business, I do not remember a time in my career when I was 100% aware of every decision or project that was being implemented by the companies I worked for, even as an executive. Every company I have ever worked for or owned the constant was change.

Moreover, I have learned that change either becomes the undoing of a company or the bridge to get to a better place. When employees are empowered and engaged, change happens with the employee feeling that they are part of the solution and not part of the problem.

During this Pandemic to lead you cannot take a low profile. Not rocking the boat or being worried about protecting yourself is not leadership; initially your lack of leadership may not be apparent however, in hindsight it will be. There will be political moves being made, remote conversations, covert activities and they will be extremely disconcerting to your employees. 

Separating truth from fiction will be difficult and threatening. However, you can be a leader. You can coach your team; you can rise to the occasion. You can manage change with empathy, compassion and resources. You can lead!

Remember to:

1. Keep your team informed
2. Become a trusted source of information
3. Be honest
4. Allow your team to have input
5. Listen
6. Be willing to take a second look and change course
7. Be a leader
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