Career Transition & Outplacement

Pandemic Outplacement: An Opportunity to Help Others and Protect Your Brand

This Pandemic will impact your company culture and brand for years to come.  How you handle your workforce during this critical time will determine how your brand is viewed now and how it will be viewed in the future.  Remember, your employees are your most valuable resource.  Treating them with respect and dignity will reassure the employees that remain and will be appreciated by the transitioning workers.  Everything is cyclical; one day you may be competing to hire those same workers back to your organization

The employee experience with your company begins before they are hired, and extends through their eventual exit, and so does your company brand.  As Mark Cuban recently stated, how companies treat their employees during this crisis “is going to define their brand for decades.” Whenever you speak to anyone in corporate America the fact that so many workers are being furloughed/ laid- off is an unexpected shock.  Last year, companies were actively recruiting, this year they are planning layoffs.  It was an unforeseen phenomena that no one could have predicted.  Regardless of the circumstances workers need to be supported and outplacement is a career transition service that helps them find a job faster and easier.

Outplacement or career transition services are provided by the employer to outgoing workers.  Once a benefit for executive and senior-level employees, outplacement today is now increasingly considered a standard benefit that should be offered to all employees. A recent SHRM headline announced that “outplacement services are no longer a secondary perk.”

The job market is now extremely competitive.  There are workers that have been with companies for over 30 years finding themselves without a job for the first time in their careers.  In some cases they have performed one job their entire work life; finding a new one is a daunting task.   In this current job market finding a job will take longer.  It will require patience, preparation, coaching, flexibility, determination and social media savvy.  Outplacement services provide the tools and coaches that offer that much needed leg up for a displaced worker.