Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Through Employee Engagement

A dial titled "engagement" with the needle above 200% depicting high engagement.

We know that higher employee engagement decreases absenteeism, turnover and accidents, and increases quality, productivity and sales. But engagement can also positively affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As a business that serves a customer, you need to remember that every person on your team has an impact on your customers and their satisfaction with your company, either directly or indirectly. Engaged employees, that is those that have a higher level of emotional commitment to the organization and its goals, can have a positive influence on customer satisfaction.

In a recent Forbes article, it is noted an organization that focuses on improving employee engagement by leveraging company culture and personal satisfaction, often has the greatest effect on the success of an organization. Engaged workers are more productive and provide better service than the average employee. Employee engagement enables firms to build strong, consistent brands that attract new business and reward customer loyalty.

Engaged employees create a workforce that truly understands the value of the brand and wants to see the company be successful. This becomes crucial when it comes to providing all customers with a highly satisfying experience. All employees should be empowered to work toward improving customer experience, which depends on understanding the importance of the brand and how to keep its reputation strong.

Keep in mind that your employees are ambassadors for your company as well. Social media can be a valuable asset for the success of your brand. It allows all employees to be advocates for their companies and products/services. A strong culture and employee engagement can help create a consistent and desirable brand presence, both online and off.

When employees believe in what they’re doing, and they believe in what it can do for customers, they will be invested in maintaining their part of that relationship for the sake of the company. If you want to boost customer loyalty and satisfaction, look to your staff first. You can’t go wrong by taking care of your employees, who are always your greatest asset.