Hidden Benefits of Outsourced Outplacement Services

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Companies downsize usually because of lasting financial issues that force them to make cutbacks and save money by restructuring company roles. When this happens, management may be inclined to forego third-party outplacement support because of the added cost.

In the long run, it will actually save money and provide a better outcome for the company and the exiting employees. According to a survey by IMPACT Group, providing outplacement support doesn’t just help departing employees but the feeling of support reverberates back to employees who remain with the company. There are specific ways that outsourced outplacement is better for everyone.

Avoid awkwardness. If you’ve just told select employees that you no longer need their talents and service, the last thing they will want to do is sit down and talk to you or another member of the staff. While the redundancy may be amicable, they may feel hurt and betrayed by you, management and the company. Hearing from and working with third-party outplacement support will give them the help they need to move on without making the situation uncomfortable.

Professional expertise. While you may be able to provide resume guidance and career advice, it will go beyond that when it comes to job search. Third party providers are trained and experienced to guide people through the redundancy process, providing them with the confidence and wherewithal to get people back into the job market.

Emotional support. Outplacement is as much about an employee’s emotional wellbeing as it is about the practical aspects of getting back into the job market. An expert third-party can provide both of these aspects and ensure that they view the company’s support as outstanding.

Optimal results. Dedicated professional outplacement coaches are able to provide advice and guidance for career planning, and development of the tools and skills needed to move careers forward. Outplacement programs actually accelerate the job search.

Will you or your staff be https://talentcurve.com/contact-usable to provide the depth of support that departing employees need? Extending your team’s responsibilities to include outplacement roles will put undue stress on internal resources and not deliver optimum outcomes. Outsourced outplacement services serve everyone best.

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