Corporate Training & Development

Employee Engagement

An engaged workforce who possess the necessary skills, knowledge and expertise is crucial for any organization who wants to achieve high levels of business success. In our current challenging and competitive business environment, learning and development has never been more important as a means to keep employees engaged and maintain that competitive advantage.

Training helps individuals gain a sense of mastery and achievement. Structured learning opportunities also contribute to another important employee engagement driver – connectivity with colleagues. They offer a shared company experience that strengthens bonds and builds trust.

Today’s leaders understand this and are always trying to find more effective ways to drive passion, encourage collaboration and create a desirable workplace. Investing in a solid learning and development program, whether it’s creating a new initiative or updating an existing one, leads to excited and engaged employees.

Customized Training

Through our experienced instructional designers, subject matter experts and facilitators we create customized, effective and engaging training solutions to meet the unique challenges of our clients. As a result of a comprehensive needs analysis, we strive to understand your overall goals and issues and what specific areas need to be addressed. We then design and develop customized content based on our analysis with clear and concise training objectives and learning outcomes.

We specialize in Supervisory, Customer Service, Communication and Essential Skills training.

Learning Reinforcement

While training is the beginning of the learning process, it is by no means the end. In fact, a large percentage of learners forget the new knowledge and skills learned in training and revert back to old habits rather quickly.  In order to drive lasting behavior change, participants need to know how to apply the training and be able to prove their application on the job. As part of every Talent Curve training program, we will provide a learning reinforcement app customized to each course, which focuses on application and starts where the training stops. Participants will have 7 to 8 weeks of well-balanced communications that are strategically designed, delivered and timed to drive business impact and lasting behavior change. After training, the learners should not only understand and remember what they just learned, but also apply their new knowledge and skills in the workplace.