How to Cultivate Good Relationships with Employees

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Are managers the reason why employees don’t seem to be as engaged as they should be? According to a Gallup study, this could very well be the case as it revealed that 85% of employees worldwide are not engaged or are actively disengaged in their job. The State of the Global Workplace study of 7,272 […]

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Through Employee Engagement

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We know that higher employee engagement decreases absenteeism, turnover and accidents, and increases quality, productivity and sales. But engagement can also positively affect customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a business that serves a customer, you need to remember that every person on your team has an impact on your customers and their satisfaction with your […]

Hidden Benefits of Outsourced Outplacement Services

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Companies downsize usually because of lasting financial issues that force them to make cutbacks and save money by restructuring company roles. When this happens, management may be inclined to forego third-party outplacement support because of the added cost. In the long run, it will actually save money and provide a better outcome for the company […]

How Poor Executive Team Leadership Skills Are Holding Your Company Back

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Successful businesses today recognize the importance of quality leadership. It therefore comes as no surprise that more businesses than ever are investing in executive coaching as a way to improve organizational outcomes. According to the American Management Association, organizations that use coaching reported stronger market performance. We all bring our own management styles and personalities with […]

How to Insure an Effective Leadership Development for Your Team

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Organizations today face many challenges ranging from globalization to disruptive technological change, but their leadership is often unprepared to handle them. Senior managers may be reluctant to undertake leadership development programs for fear they won’t deliver desired outcomes. Look for the following areas of focus in your leadership development program to insure success. Provide Context […]

Best Practices of Leadership Development Efforts

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Being a leader is not easy and it requires time and patience to master the role. When leadership skills are lacking, organizations suffer with: Vague goals and unclear direction Poor communication Unproductive meetings Lack of progress and innovation Low trust High internal conflict and dysfunction Robust leadership development can address these issues. Recognize the value […]

Workers are on the Move

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that more workers are quitting their jobs than any time since 2001, so it is more important than ever for HR and business leaders to invest in their employees pay, training, benefits and personal development. Perhaps the Culprit Is the Lack of Management to Recognize the Changing Workplace According […]

Leadership During Uncertainty

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Leadership During Uncertainty When was there ever a time that there wasn’t uncertainty? The truth of the matter is that there has always been uncertainty, and there always will be uncertainty in life and in business. Do we actually think that our ancestors expected WWII or the Great Depression? They did not, and they could […]