What Our Customers Say

Senior leader – Head of Flight Operations

“My coach has provided a great coaching atmosphere. She does not allow me to accept comfortable and continuously challenges me to find actionable goals each session, many of which fall outside of my comfort zone. She remains engaging, objective and interested in my development as a person as well as in business and leadership.”

Director of Sales for the Americas: Consumer Goods

“My coach at Leathers Milligan has been thought provoking and insightful, even when “caught in the weeds”, as so many of us are with the many directions and opportunities we have as leaders of ever-growing companies. Leathers Milligan is a team of experts in guiding, optimizing leadership, and navigation through distraction, to achieve the highest of growth possibilities.”

Product Owner

My Leathers Milligan coach provided me a wealth of knowledge and recommendations directed at enhancing my future growth and success. Leathers Milligan maintains themselves at the leading edge of what is happening within the job market and assesses where a person best fits within that market. My coach was an expert at knowing how to bring forth the best in my presentation both on paper and verbally. I highly recommend the firm; they provide the needed skills and coaching, which gives even the most introverted person the ability to speak confidently about themselves during a career transition situation.

Leader of Development and Research

I worked with the Phoenix office of Leathers Milligan following my departure from my company at the end of 2015.  I began the outplacement service without high expectations. However, my coach quickly gained my trust because of her demeanor and professionalism. She proved to be a valuable resource and advisor to me throughout the transition process providing practical advice that led to real results. In fact, if it weren’t for having career transition support, I doubt I would have found my current position (Partner at a national law firm). My coach kept me focused and optimistic during a time of great uncertainty. She taught me networking skills that not only aided in my job search but which I successfully use in my current business development efforts. Because of outplacement assistance, I was never better prepared or more confident for job interviews. (It seemed my coach had an uncanny ability to anticipate the exact questions that potential employers would ask). I cannot say enough about the important and indispensable role that a coach played in my career transition. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with the Leathers Milligan team.

Chief Operating Officer

I had the pleasure of working with a coach at Leathers Milligan after being displaced from a large healthcare organization in January 2016. I had never worked with an outplacement firm before, so I jumped in with both feet. Getting connected with the Leathers Milligan team was easy and quick. I thought that I was prepared for my departure from my company and I had a plan to find my next role. I definitely underestimated the time; diligence and networking that needed to happen to find a new opportunity at the appropriate level. This is where Leathers Milligan’s coaching, tools, support and encouragement was so valuable. My coach provided tools and techniques to track my contacts, ideas on how to stay connected with the leads I established and showed me the importance of networking. My company paid for 3 months of outplacement, which was not an adequate period of time to find and transition to a new role and I found myself needing additional time to find something suitable. I would have assumed that Leathers Milligan would have stopped services once we hit the end of the paid support, but they didn’t. My coach stuck with me, coaching, guiding and encouraging me for several more months. I got very close with several opportunities, but nothing I really wanted was materializing. The process was extremely frustrating and without the support of a coach I would have become discouraged and probably settled for a job that did not allow me to utilize my skill set and one that did not present the level of challenge that I needed to engage. As things did start to materialize, my coach assisted with leave behind information, final selection prep, and negotiation and was the best sounding board I could have asked for. Thanks to Leathers Milligan I landed in a great role. I could not have done it without them.

Quality Assurance Lead

Leathers Milligan coached me through an extremely difficult professional transition. As a high performing older female with stellar reviews, having my position suddenly eliminated was shocking. My coach consistently worked with me through a transitional process where we had regularly set meetings, I was assigned homework and asked to read articles/books, and much more. The pace and dialogue provided helped me clarify my next steps, strategize on transforming my extensive skills into another career, assisted me in defining my passion, and strengthen my conviction to move beyond my past. Most importantly, I trusted my coach. She was no frills, authentic, and ‘real.’ It was through this work that I have come out better than before. Forever grateful.

Manager of Product

Dear “Coach”, I am writing to thank you for preparing me for career transition. The guidance and advice you gave helped me hone my resume and materials. You helped me to improve my interviewing and presentation skills, and sharpen my answers. And, you gave me sound advice for networking and research. This combined with your weekly coaching helped me to stay on track, improve over our months together, and see a solid influx of interview requests. You exhibited a friendly demeanor while holding me accountable to deliver on those tasks that would help me achieve the next level of growth. I would be happy to recommend you and Leathers Milligan in the future.

Chief Technical Officer

I worked with a coach at Leathers Milligan, after a layoff late last year. I had been at my healthcare company for 17 years. Initially, I had no interest in working with Leathers Milligan. My goal was to start my own consulting practice, not get another job. When I was first contacted, I politely explained that I didn’t need job-finding services. “That’s great,” my coach replied. “Consulting makes sense for someone with your experience. I can help you with whatever your goals are.” I was pleasantly surprised at my coach’s ability to help me with tips to market myself as a consultant, in addition to his job search knowledge and expertise. Since then, I have “landed” with another health care leader. I credit my coach with providing a variety of resources and creative thinking that helped tremendously during my search. He provided flexible support, meeting me both in person and on the phone. His friendly voice each week was also a huge boost to my morale during perhaps one of the most difficult times of my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Leathers Milligan to others who are seeking new career opportunities. In fact, I would consider hiring them myself when I am ready for the next career change.

Marketing Manager

My experience with my next phase in the process of transition from my company with the assistance of Leathers Milligan was positive. The job market was very difficult to enter during the holiday season. I had just moved to AZ for this new job so I was entering the AZ job market on my own without a local network base. I appreciated the process that Leathers Milligan utilized with the pairing of a dedicated individual that I met with weekly and was able to be made aware of resources available here in AZ for me to take advantage of with my search. My journey took over 6 months and I accepted a contract opportunity for financial reasons. I appreciated the time I had with Leathers Milligan to provide the support in my search. I feel that my company had a vested interest in my job search and landing in my next career opportunity here in AZ by having this service/partnership available to those who are transitioning from the organization due to a layoff/staff reduction.

Head of Public Relations

I had the opportunity to work with Leathers Milligan & Associates when I transitioned out of my healthcare company. I found the organization and staff very helpful and informative during my search. During my time with Leathers Milligan & Associates, I worked with my coach to sharpen my job search skills and to identify future opportunities. He went to huge lengths to help me prep for me for the very specific requirements of my new role. Not only did he take on the role of coach, but he also took on the role of a mentor and a friend during a difficult time. Thanks to the Leathers Milligan team, I was quickly placed in an excellent role that met all my expectations. From the initial meeting, to my first day on the job, they were there to make sure I was setting myself up for success in my new role. I cannot thank the Team enough for their extreme professionalism and all the support of every kind that they have given me. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to candidates or employers.