Team Development

Teams come in all shapes and sizes. It may be your most senior leaders, a group of people assigned to project or a task force or it may be something else entirely. Whatever the composition and purpose, what teams have in common is the need for all its members—the people─ to work together seamlessly and effectively to achieve optimum outcomes.

Different People, One Goal

Teams bring individuals with varying work, communication, professional and personal experiences together with the expectation that they will magically work harmoniously toward common goals, often with minimal outside leadership direction. This of course would require that all individual team members continue to think independently while smoothly functioning as a unified group. But, in the real world individual team members bring their own unique skills, experiences, perspectives, biases, styles and politics to the team, often creating an environment of mistrust and conflict that not only jeopardizes the desired outcome, but can also place the entire organization at risk.

Leathers Milligan improves team performance by helping define goals and roles, addressing the challenges that block the smooth interpersonal working relationships and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and procedures. The perspectives gained during these team development programs help team members learn the differences in the way people work, process information, make decisions, communicate and react to internal and external variables and pressures. With those insights, they can adjust their actions accordingly for better results. Whether your challenge is in the C-suite, a newly formed project team or a team that seems to have lost its way, Leathers Milligan can help. Let us Show you how.