Succession Planning

Do you know who among your employees are your real future leaders? Do you have the leadership bench strength ready to step up to implement your strategy, take on new challenges like an acquisition or seamlessly fill the void created by the unexpected departure of a key leader? Leathers Milligan can help answer questions like these by creating a road map to successful leadership transition throughout the organization that ensures there is highly qualified talent “on the bench” ready to assume new and greater responsibilities when the situation warrants.

Key Elements of Succession Planning

Critical elements of succession planning include identifying your company’s critical leadership roles, accurately identifying and assessing the employees with potential to assume those roles, determining their competency gaps and designing and implementing individualized development programs that offer the next generation of leaders the opportunity and support to gain the necessary, knowledge, skills and experiences to prepare them to excel in their future leadership roles

Proactive Consulting Approach to Succession Planning

Leathers Milligan can help design and implement strategic, proactive succession planning systems that support your business strategy and integrate with existing performance management and leadership development programs. We can help you reap the many benefits of formal succession planning, such as improved workforce capabilities, talent prepared for the next assignment, lower hiring costs, greater employee engagement and an overall enhanced commitment to the success of the organization. Let us show you how.