Leadership Development Keeps Pace with Today’s Challenges

A group of people working collaboratively in an office setting.

Given that 81% of new hires fail and the true cost of bad hires can be significant, many companies are choosing to train, hire and develop their leadership teams internally. They are investing in their leaders to prepare them for new opportunities and any unforeseen changes that today’s world may bring.

Requirements for today’s leaders.

Today and tomorrow’s leaders require agility to thrive in times of turbulence and disruption, the mastery of all things digital, and the ability to lead without formal power in a growing non-employment labor market. They must learn how to reward people in ways that are meaningful to the worker and attract, engage and retain talent across the entire spectrum of work relationships.

Today’s exceptional leaders must:

  • Be agile amid disruption
  • Create a culture of innovation
  • Have skill to mobilize the organization for change
  • Drive a culture of collaboration
  • Have vision and forward focus to anticipate disruption to their business model

Requirements for today’s leadership development programs.

Leadership development programs can no longer be static, closed-system approaches. They must keep pace by delivering engaging content and experiential learning opportunities. And, they must elevate the full leadership cadre.

Effective leadership programs bring formal learning and on-the-job-learning together in a deliberate manner. Formal learning sets the context and content for change in a standard and thorough way. Then new behaviors are practiced and applied back on the job while applying routines for manager, peer and coach feedback. Leaders who remain in “learning mode” ultimately develop stronger leadership skills.

There is a rise in organizations using real-life, on-the-job-situations in the leadership development process, including coaching, leader-to-leader development, on-the-job/in-role learning and mentoring.

Better outcomes for the individual and the for the company.

Today’s holistic development programs provide:

  • An ability to take on new responsibilities and build new competencies more quickly.
  • Fresh ideas and perspectives that become the catalyst to question old ways of operating.
  • New insights resulting in better and more timely decision making.
  • Decisions and changes made proactively rather than reactively.
  • Leaders who are challenged and learning, and more likely to stay.
  • Achievement of personal and organizational goals, helping leaders to be more successful, a win-win for them and the company.

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