Human Resource Consulting

HR Compliance

As your organization grows so does your human capital. The more employees you hire the more complex human resource compliance becomes. Business owners today are faced with the challenges of running a company and staying up to date with the ever changing employment practices. State and Federal compliance laws vary from state to state. We offer affordable services that help you understand where your company’s liabilities lie and can assist with bringing your organization into compliance. The needs analysis we conduct on your HR Department will identify gaps, compliance issues, potential fines and cures. We have the ability to train your HR teams and/or become a reliable annex to the leaders of the organization.

HR Solutions

We bring solution based changes to your organization. We help to identify potential risks or threats that may impact the bottom line. Are your employees being treated fairly? Do you have leaders that have blind spots as to how they deliver messages to the rank and file? Do you have the right talent in the rights chairs? We offer anything from leadership training to creating an up to date handbook.

HR’s Impact on the Organization

An organization must decide if they want to have a “proactive HR Department” (getting out in front of issues before they impact the organization) or a “reactive HR Department” (trying to patch the crisis up after it happens and most times could have been avoided). The latter is more costly and can devastate the ROI in fines, penalties and reputation. We tunnel through those issues and are always ready at the helm to do an impromptu investigation, mediation, or even terminations based on the situation. As a neutral 3rd party, we often can balance and resolve an issue without involving expensive legal fees or business interruption. Our experts are well trained and focus on the matters at hand. They are skilled in the process of addressing sensitive matters of concern and protecting the organization.