Front Line Manager Development

Sixty percent of new supervisors and managers under-perform or fail during their first two years in the job, driving performance gaps and employee turnover across the company’s critical front-line. Most front-line leader’s failures are directly attributable to not having been properly prepared to deal with the daily challenges they will face. Leathers Milligan can either custom design and deliver emerging leader orientation and development programs unique to your specific needs, or draw from our extensive library of proprietary management development programs that can be presented generically or enhanced to more closely link them to your industry and brand.

Front line leader orientation and development has a wide range of benefits that go well beyond just learning new ways to do things. Focused orientation and development can improve speed and efficiency, reduce errors and improve employee confidence. These new leaders will engage with more independence and less supervision. When your organization is committed to the early development of its front line leaders you signal that, “You and your development are important and critical to our business,” leading to higher rates of engagement and retention. Let us show you how.