Employee Engagement

Engagement Drives Performance

Scientifically conducted surveys reveal that only about a third of U.S. employees are engaged in their job. Engaged employees are the ones who will stay late to finish a task without being asked and the people who will go out of their way to take care of a customer. They are emotionally committed to both their work and the organization. In short, engaged employees understand the company’s strategic goals and do their very best to help achieve them. Why do we care? Because the relationship between employed engagement, profit and shareholder returns is directly proportional. The greater the level of engagement, the better the business performs.

Happy or satisfied employees are not necessarily engaged employees. Bar-B-Qs, video games and cool lounges may make people feel happy, but they don’t cause them to become engaged in their work. “Satisfied” employees are the middle-of-the-road people. They come in, go through the motions of their job and go home. They may not be actively looking for another job, but if one pops up, they’re probably gone.

Things That Matter

Leathers Milligan defines and articulates the level of engagement in your organization and creates processes that drive improvement. We understand the things that really matter and help you separate them from the things that may seem important, but don’t actually make any difference. The goal is increased engagement and better overall performance. We believe in outcomes, not activities. Employee engagement is key to a high performing workforce. A high performing workforce is key to a high performing organization.
Do you want to increase employee engagement in your organization? Leathers Milligan can help. Let us show you how.