Truly great leaders, stars and champions know that their natural ability is only one factor of their success. Another factor, arguably of even greater importance, is the professional coaching that is an integral part of their career. Whether operating at their peak, preparing to face a new challenge or working to overcome a potentially derailing slump, they understand that they did not get to where they are without a coach, and they will not stay at, or return to the top of their game, without a coach. Notre Dame’s legendary football coach, Ara Parseghian, always believed that a good coach helps his/her clients become what they can be, rather than what they are today. Talent Curve’s coaches focus on empowerment, from the emerging leaders to the C-suite, to maximize everyone’scontribution to the organization, through the realization of their full potential.


Sooner or later, nearly every organization discovers that they have one of “those people” who actually are, or who have made themselves appear to be, indispensable. Often, they are demeaning to their co-workers and subordinates, disrespectful to their superiors and dismissive of the fact that they are creating massive unwanted turnover. Leaders are reluctant to take action because of thoughts such as, “We can’t afford to lose Jessica.” Eventually, situations such as this need to be dealt with and we can help. Talent Curve’scertified coaches know how to work with these talented, yet socially unacceptable individuals, to create an honest change that is sure to last . . . with two conditions. First, you the leader must be open-minded to having this person remain an integral part of your organization. Second, the individual must understand that without change, there will be consequences up to, and including, losing his/her job. If these two criteria are not met, we won’t take the engagement because it simply won’t work. Instead, we will help guide you through the decision of whether or not termination is the answer to the situation. If you elect to terminate, we can help you manage the process to be sure it is handled in a way that will mitigate its impact on the organization. In addition to being exceptional coaches, Talent Curve is also one of the nation’s leading career transition and outplacement firms. We are greatly adept at humanely exiting people from organizations and guiding them to their next career opportunity.


This is about you. Traditionally, there have been Life Coaches and Business Coaches. The disconnect is that you cannot accurately address your life with a coach who doesn’t understand the realities of corporate life, and, likewise, you cannot address your career with a coach who doesn’t take into consideration the importance of your personal life outside of the organization. Talent Curve can help. We have a team of professional, certified coaches who specialize in holistic coaching. They apply the same level of professionalism and tools as the sophisticated psychometric assessments that are provided to the highest levels of the executive suite. Working in concert with our staff psychologists, they help you to articulate your concerns, fears, goals, and wishes and guide you to a path that achieves balance across all elements of your personal and professional life. In short, we help you become the person you want to be, instead of the person you think you should be; that whatever you are doing, you are doing it eyes-open and for the right reasons. Our goal is that in the future, when you’re sitting in the proverbial rocking chair on the porch, you never once say, “Darn, I wish I would have . . .”


The foundation of the Talent Curve coaching model is having a close, integrity-driven partnership between the coach and the individual; a collaborative relationship that exists in an environment of assured confidentiality. We believe the objective should be outcomes that are holistically shared between the individual and the organization, an environment where your current and future leaders develop, or you, as an individual, optimize and integrate the behaviors and skills needed to meet both the current and future career challenges while maintaining balance with a healthy personal life.

The Talent Curve team of broadly diverse, highly-credentialed, professional business coaches offers our clients a selection of coaches to choose from for each engagement. This allows the sponsor, candidate and individual the opportunity to agree on a coach in whom there is mutual confidence and trust–key factors to achieving the outcomes you desire. Let us show you how.