Psychometric Assessments

Assessments play a critical role in selecting new members of your leadership team, evaluating high potential employees, laying a foundation for executive coaching and helping people in transition find their passion. In addition to our proprietary assessments, Leathers Milligan is certified in the industry’s most highly respected instruments allowing us to have exactly the right instrument for each engagement. Whether working with entire organizations, departments, teams or individuals, Leathers Milligan assessments help define organizational cultures, identify styles and quantify the gaps in knowledge, skills and aspirations essential to leadership, career development and succession planning efforts.

Executive Selection

The formal interview process gives you a good picture of what people are; that they have the technical skills and experiences necessary to succeed in the job. But, its shortcoming is that it does not reveal who they are. It won’t tell you if they have the inherent leadership traits; like justice, integrity and courage essential to successful leadership. You can only guess if the candidate will be a fit to your culture and you won’t know what’s important to address during their onboarding to help them successfully integrate into the team and become productive. Making the wrong hiring decision at the leadership level can be devastatingly costly in terms of both the direct out-of-pocket expenses of severance, search fees and litigation and the indirect costs of unwanted turnover, lower productivity and lost opportunities. Making Leathers Milligan a part of your hiring process to administer recognized and respected assessments instruments that are reviewed by licensed psychologists will pay for itself many times over by lowering the risks and increasing the success probabilities in the hiring process.

Leadership Development

We believe that leaders are born, not made. We know leaders have certain traits embedded in their DNA that set them apart from all the others. They’re different. So we employ assessments early in the high potential vetting process to understand who the candidates are and how they are perceived by others with whom they come in contact. We believe that good leaders can be developed into good managers, but managers without the requisite leadership DNA cannot be developed into reliable leaders. Sure, they can masquerade for a while, but the truth will eventually become clear, almost always at the most inopportune and costly moment. If you want the highest quality bench strength, you need to start with the right raw material. The Leathers Milligan leadership development assessment process assures that’s what you have in the program.

Leadership Coaching

Assessments form the foundation of Leathers Milligan’s leadership coaching engagements. Sophisticated assessment instruments, professionally interpreted help the executive understand (confirm) who they are, and how who they are affects their perceptions of their environment. Combining these assessments with other instruments designed to reveal how the executive is perceived by others creates the platform upon which the leader’s development plan is built and helps assure a successful engagement.

Outplacement & Career Transition

Employees made redundant either by business circumstance or performance often experience an overwhelming sense of loss of identity that makes them feel totally directionless in their transition. This is one of the main reasons Leathers Milligan makes assessments a part of each individual career transition/outplacement program. Assessments help the individual reclaim their identity, reaffirm their values and chart a course for their future.