Personnel Development

Talent Development Curve


By utilizing our unique Talent Curve Development model, we offer six critical steps to help your employees determine which career moves represent the best matches for them — and then help them make their career match a reality.


Step 1 – Reflect on your ideal career/life

Step 2 – Assess your skills, abilities and interests

Step 3 – Create your plan

Step 4 – Identify possible obstacles

Step 5 – Implement your plan

Step 6 – Expand your possibilities


This approach guides employees through the career development process, offering direct feedback on the results of employee assessments as well as other valuable suggestions, tips, and recommendations. And in many cases, a custom strategy is best developed by achieving the unique advantages of working in our unique, self-paced online environment with access to a “live” professional via phone, chat or email. We can also offer our web-based application C-Point, a collection of tools and resources for managing the entire career transition process to provide effective results.


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