Our Services

Since our inception in 2007, Talent Curve has successfully provided solutions for the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, corporations, labor unions, trade associations, and others. Within these institutions and organizations, we’ve successfully provided proven career and education strategies for employees looking to advance within their current organizations or fields.

We have helped employees transitioning from one career to another or to the next life-step due to downsizing or other displacement. Talent Curve also works with new job seekers just beginning their careers as well as those returning to the workforce after time away.

Our products and services are dynamic, highly relevant, and proven successful. Our programs are practical and our approach takes into account our clients’ needs as well as economic and demographic changes, trends regarding emerging and declining industries, technology advances within education and training, and more real-world factors that transcend the classroom and affect your organization.


We Customize Your Programs

At the heart of the Talent Curve philosophy is our experience-based understanding that no two organizations are the same. Learning is best accomplished and change best created when the content and delivery have been designed for the specific audience. The experience that informs our belief in the power of tailored learning comes from the diversity of our clientele and their differing needs, goals, resources, abilities, and career-and-education dreams.

Talent Curve customizes services and products to meet our clients’ unique requirements and desired outcomes. There is no limit to the possibilities for innovative designs, including specialized counseling and advising, industry-specific interactive websites, topical workshops, personal assessments, skill-specific practice tests and other exercises, transition guidance, resources specific to certain geographic localities, job availability, and much more.

Deliverables can be combined and enhanced so that services are accessible to all members/employees regardless of time and place. Your suite of services will be entirely yours and based upon the understanding of your unique needs