Over the past decade the world of work has changed dramatically and it is clear that today's workforce must take ownership of their career in order to make smart choices about their future.  Talent Curve works with labor unions, trade associations, and other organizations by utilizing our experience in creating and supporting joint labor/management programs directed toward employee/member development and employment marketability and career transition.  Since 2005 we have been providing career advising services and educational guidance for thousands of telecommunication labor union associates.

Through careful assessment and understanding of the organization’s objectives and desired outcomes — including personal development, educational guidance and career transition — Talent Curve designs and implements programs designed for each organization’s resources as well as time allotments and scheduling challenges.

Talent Curve also offers the highly regarded “Career Transitions” online course that addresses displaced populations. Understanding that dealing with the trauma of layoffs is difficult for all involved — including management, downsized employees, and those still on staff — Talent Curve recognizes the fact that it is critically important to have the right process to thoughtfully manage the hard issues while maintaining and building the trust and respect of employees that remain.

Our unique approach to the issues surrounding downsizing enables workers to “land on their feet” as the organization begins to focus its attention on engaging, inspiring, and building loyalty with management and the remaining workforce. How the organization embraces strategies going forward makes a powerful statement and helps prepare for a successful future.

Regardless of the organizational goals or those set by the employees/members, Talent Curve’s unique online C-Point Career Portal can assist in compiling tools and resources, and then managing the entire process in a systematic, efficient way.


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