Job Training

Talent Curve offers live or on-demand Web courses and workshops on career and educational topics, including job training, networking, social media, and other high impact job search strategies.


Courses are developed by experienced and highly skilled Instructional Designers, who specialize in creating interactive content and know how to present the content to adult learners, in concert with subject matter experts. The course content is experiential, providing opportunities for learners to take initiative, make decisions and be accountable for their results by participating in specifically designed learning scenarios.  


Workshops range from half-hour to multi-hour long looks at the many facets of such areas as Education, Job Search, Planning for the Future, and Self Development. We also create job training categories, such as hospitality, retail, customer service, or a specific technology areas.


Courses and workshops are presented in a variety of means to accommodate the needs of our clientele. These include on-site and live-on-the-Web sessions held at a specified time. There is a high degree of interaction between instructors and students, with instructors leading the class through the curriculum and answering questions directly or through the online interface.

The training also can be delivered on our Learning Management System to oblige the busy lives of professionals, military families and others, who can complete the materials in sections. Similarly, “live” sessions are accompanied by out-of-classroom or offline reading assignments and exercises. And there are plenty of opportunities for feedback on a student’s efforts from instructors and other class members.


To learn more about our full range of job training capabilities, contact us.