Educational Guidance

At Talent Curve, our Educational Guidance services extend far beyond assessing the employee’s knowledge and aptitude and then pointing them in the direction of available resources. We can provide the optimum online framework or environment in which to coordinate and manage the entire process through our C-Point Career Portal. This unique combination of reference tools and capabilities is based on years of professional experience. And on-going supervision by trained career advisors assists employees/members in applying these resources across educational and occupational fields.

We also work with employees/members to ensure that they receive educational credits for classes they have taken and that these credits transfer with them.

Similarly, by teaching workshops and providing other guidance concerning the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Talent Curve assists students in incorporating CLEP into their planning process. CLEP consists of a series of examinations that test college level knowledge gained through independent study, cultural pursuits, travel, special interests, military service schools, and professional development as well as more traditional course work. This tactic can hasten the achievement of educational goals while saving resources for any sponsoring organizations.

Finally, Talent Curve works with employees dealing with obstacles involving government and other financial aid programs, as well as assessing projected career paths to ensure that money is well spent on appropriate educational choices.


To learn more about how we can improve your members’ educational needs, contact us.