Career Point Career Portal

This sophisticated, password-protected career and education module can take an end user through the entire career planning process, from career counseling all the way to applying for jobs.

This easy-to-use career transition system enables individuals to manage a complete career transition campaign from a single, personalized online account. This personal online organizer allows employees/members to track all career transition activities, including the ability to:

  • network and associate LinkedIn information directly
  • manage and maintain professional and personal contacts
  • access career aptitude assessments tools.


C-Point serves as:

  • a unique, virtual filing cabinet that allows employees/members to search over 100 of the most popular job-posting sites on the web
  • a way to conduct proprietary company and industry research
  • a means to determine potential salary ranges
  • a channel allowing employees and members to receive automatic job feeds based on industry and job sectors as well as creating and managing multiple types of resumes designed for specific job opportunities


Candidates are able to automatically apply for job openings and send correspondence, tracking resumes and cover letters sent to potential employers (including when the resume is viewed).

Employees/members will have access to sample cover letters, thank you notes, and other types of correspondence to improve their career transition communication, as well as being prepared with sample interview questions created by professional Human Resource Managers and Recruiters.

The entire time, employees/members are connected directly to their own personal career advisors, letting them ask career transition questions via email and receive timely responses.


To learn how C-Point can be customized and implemented for your organization, contact us.