Ahead of the Curve

Leadership Behaviors That Improve Employee Engagement

Wednesday, November 30th

There’s no better situation to walk into each day than an office that is filled with engaged employees who believe in the company’s vision and strive to uphold it throughout each day. Employees need encouragement, reasons to want to stay engaged. Company leadership must continually earn employee loyalty. Here are some things leaders can do to bring out the best in their employees:... more

Promoting Organizational Productivity Across Generations

Monday, October 31st

Generational differences in the workplace do exist. Your office team can consist of as many as 5 generations including baby boomers, many of whom are nearing retirement age, and millennials, many of whom have just graduated from college. In many cases, it’s like parents and adult children trying to coexist in the same work spaces. Each generation has distinct attitudes, expectations, habits... more

Getting More Out of Millennials in the Workplace

Wednesday, September 28th

Effectively Managing "Typical" Millennials Results in Greater Productivity, Satisfaction and Retention

When people hear the word millennial, it isn’t always met with the best response. The group of workers, those born between 1981 and 1999, has often been misrepresented as selfish, entitled, and not open to learning. This is not at all true. Millennials are... more

When to Implement an Employee Coaching Program

Thursday, July 7th

Jeff is the manager of the human resources department of a mid-sized manufacturing firm. The office recently upgraded to Windows 10 for all the employees’ computers. Mostly everyone in the office seems to have picked up the nuances of the new software program with relative ease. However, Maria, a nine-year veteran of the HR department, is having some trouble learning Windows 10, and getting... more

Third Party Versus Internal Coaching

Wednesday, June 15th

Employee coaching has definitive, measurable benefits to companies and their employees, from the ability to provide better services to improving job performance, from reducing turnover to ensuring organizational sustainability. It’s a win-win situation for the employees and the company and can bring many advantages by utilizing expert career coaches: