Ahead of the Curve

How to Measure Employee Engagement

Monday, March 6th

As we’ve discussed many times, engaged employees are happier employees. They are invested in the company and its success, as well as their own success. Engaged employees lead to a better, more productive workplace.

How do you know... more

Coaching the Uncoachable

Thursday, January 5th

You know how important coaching is in the workplace, and how much it can help productivity and retention. To you, it’s a foregone conclusion that employees should not only accept coaching, but embrace it.

However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, employees simply resist your attempts to coach them. What do you do at that point? How do you help someone who doesn’t seem to want... more

Leadership Behaviors That Improve Employee Engagement

Wednesday, November 30th

There’s no better situation to walk into each day than an office that is filled with engaged employees who believe in the company’s vision and strive to uphold it throughout each day. Employees need encouragement, reasons to want to stay engaged. Company leadership must continually earn employee loyalty. Here are some things leaders can do to bring out the best in their employees:... more

Promoting Organizational Productivity Across Generations

Monday, October 31st

Generational differences in the workplace do exist. Your office team can consist of as many as 5 generations including baby boomers, many of whom are nearing retirement age, and millennials, many of whom have just graduated from college. In many cases, it’s like parents and adult children trying to coexist in the same work spaces. Each generation has distinct attitudes, expectations, habits... more

Getting More Out of Millennials in the Workplace

Wednesday, September 28th

Effectively Managing "Typical" Millennials Results in Greater Productivity, Satisfaction and Retention

When people hear the word millennial, it isn’t always met with the best response. The group of workers, those born between 1981 and 1999, has often been misrepresented as selfish, entitled, and not open to learning. This is not at all true. Millennials are... more