Ahead of the Curve

Employee Engagement: The Competitive Advantage

Sunday, June 11th

What if you could discover a way to:

  • Lower absenteeism by 41 percent

  • Lower turnover by up to 59 percent

You can do this, and so much more, with the right employee engagement program in place. This means having your employees involved in, enthusiastic about, and committed to their work and workplace, according to Gallup’s 2016 State of... more

How To Help Employees Feel Good About Their Jobs

Wednesday, April 26th

You want your employees to want to come to work each day. When they are happy about their jobs, it makes for a much more pleasant environment, and they will do a better job for you and the company.

But how do you make your employees feel good about... more

Why Employee Engagement Declines

Wednesday, March 29th

If you think employee engagement isn’t that important, think again. It is. You don’t just want your employees to be engaged, you NEED them to be engaged. Engaged employees are more hard-working and more productive than their counterparts.

A study from TINYpulse, "2017 Employee Engagement Report: The... more

How to Measure Employee Engagement

Monday, March 6th

As we’ve discussed many times, engaged employees are happier employees. They are invested in the company and its success, as well as their own success. Engaged employees lead to a better, more productive workplace.

How do you know... more

Coaching the Uncoachable

Thursday, January 5th

You know how important coaching is in the workplace, and how much it can help productivity and retention. To you, it’s a foregone conclusion that employees should not only accept coaching, but embrace it.

However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, employees simply resist your attempts to coach them. What do you do at that point? How do you help someone who doesn’t seem to want... more