Ahead of the Curve

Signs of Unhappy Employee

Wednesday, November 1st

unhappy Employee


As Abraham Lincoln said, “you can’t please all of the people all of the time.” Your employees, however, are the ones you should always try to keep happy and engaged,... more

Six Reasons Why Your Best Employees Leave—And How You Can Prevent It

Monday, September 25th

You have a terrific employee on staff. They shine in their work and commitment to the company—or so you thought. Until the day they ask to speak to you behind closed doors and tender their resignation. Your stomach sinks. Of course, your first question is why?

The answer most likely lies within. For some reason, that employee didn’t feel engaged. Here’s why that happens, and how... more

How to Keep Your Employees Engaged and Motivated

Wednesday, August 30th

Engaged Employees


In the past, we’ve talked about why employee engagement is important, what it will do for your bottom line, how it will make your employees happier, etc. We now need to figure out what it is that makes... more

How to Make Sure Your Employee Training Succeeds

Tuesday, August 1st

Employee Training

There’s a good chance you’ve spent serious money on employee training—some $160 billion was spent on training in the US in 2015—but do you realize it might not be working? Why not? In short, many companies offer... more

What it Means for Your Employees to be Engaged

Monday, July 10th

Whether you produce a product or a service, are a small- or medium-sized business or a major conglomerate, you do business locally or internationally, the most important part of your company is its employees. Everything  our company does starts with human beings. For your company to thrive, your people need to be happy.... more