Why Providing Outplacement Services is More Than Just the Right Thing to Do

Relationships between employers and employees are like marriages. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Just like marriage, some end in divorce. Layoffs or any type of end of employment is unpleasant but a sad reality of work.Outplacement Services is More Than Just the Right Thing to Do

Most companies don’t provide outplacement services to exiting employees. After all, what marriage ends with your ex-spouse providing assistance. When it comes to the business world, there are many benefits of companies investing in exiting employees instead of letting them go without help.

The right thing to do. Many company leaders realize how difficult a loss of employment can be for people and feel obligated to improve the situation. For them, providing outplacement services is a way to do what they can to help. It can mean the world to someone who needs support and help in finding new employment.

Protecting your brand. Leaders should keep in mind that your employees are your ambassadors. Employees that have been let go are upset, embarrassed, confused and angry. With outplacement services, the outgoing employee will more likely speak positively about how the company treated them. It also generates a positive reputation among neighbors and fellow businesses in the community.

On better footing with employees. Providing the best possible support for those leaving garners support from those employees that are staying. Seeing that former employees are treated well boosts morale and work ethic among current workers.

Controlling associated costs. With outplacement services, the terminated employee will get a new job faster. A new job means a new paycheck, reducing unemployment compensation, and other costs that you have to bear in whole or in part.

Protection from legal claims. Ex-employees file lawsuits when they feel they’ve been wrongly terminated and when they are pressured to find future employment. Outplacement services reduce a company’s liability risk and put the displaced worker’s attention on the future rather than the past.

Investing in exiting employees instead of letting them go without support goes a long way in so many aspects of your business. Rather than viewing it as severing a relationship, view it as investing in the health of the company.

Outplacement services can be provided to one, or many, from C-Suite to non-exempt. Talent Curve can provide a program tailored to your needs that really makes a difference. Let us show you how.


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