Cheering on Employees from the Sidelines

By Anne Brister, CEO of Talent Curve

Look around your office. See the faces that surround you. Employees are the backbone of any company. They are the innovators and the strategists. They are an organization's most vital resource, and engaged employees help companies thrive.

You may be wondering whose responsibility it is to produce and maintain engaged employees. The answer—it's a team effort. The organization provides resources and tools, the manager provides information and encouragement, and the individual must reach out and participate.

It's the employee's responsibility to have a career and education plan in place, but the company should play their role in supporting that plan. Parts of the plan can be confidential and some shared with management. This way, the company can meet needs with current employees. Say a position that requires the ability to speak Russian opens up, but a current Russian-speaking employee doesn't have detailed background in his or her data file. This creates missed opportunities for both parties.

At Talent Curve, we've been working with a Fortune 20 company for eight years to avoid these missed opportunities and take advantage of every individual's unique abilities. The program offers internal career advancement, educational guidance, and oversight on the company's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). It also helps employees stay adaptive in case of a lay off and plan better for retirement.

Basically, the program provides employees with career counseling through advising, curriculum through workshops and classes, and additional resources for individual and company growth. The program uses a tracking system to identify need, and establishes an open relationship between the employees' advisors and managers to offer personalized courses and workshops for large groups.

We've seen tremendous results from this career-planning program, and so have the company's many employees. This shows that when a company takes responsibility for their part in the career-planning process, it's a win-win. A customer quote that sums it up is, "It is a good investment in yourself." There is no price tag to valued employees!

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