Ahead of the Curve

Hidden Benefits of Outsourced Outplacement Services

Friday, August 3rd

Companies downsize usually because of lasting financial issues that force them to make cutbacks and save money by restructuring company roles. When this happens, management may be inclined to forego third-party outplacement support because of the added cost.... more

Why Providing Outplacement Services is More Than Just the Right Thing to Do

Tuesday, June 12th

Relationships between employers and employees are like marriages. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Just like marriage, some end in divorce. Layoffs or any type of end of employment is unpleasant but a sad reality of work.... more

Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Through Employee Engagement

Monday, May 7th

We know that higher employee engagement decreases absenteeism, turnover and accidents, and increases quality, productivity and sales. But engagement can also positively affect customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As a business that serves a customer, you need to remember that every person on your team has an impact on your customers and their satisfaction with your company, either... more

Keeping Remote Employees Connected and Engaged

Wednesday, February 28th

Working remotely is getting to be nearly as normal as working in an office. In fact, last year, 43 percent of employed Americans spent at least part of their time working remotely, according to a Gallup survey.

Of course, there are major benefits that come from telecommuting—avoiding traffic and flexible hours, just to name a couple. The problem for employers comes with keeping... more

Uncovering Employee Strengths and Applying Them to Your Team

Thursday, February 8th

observing employeesIt makes sense that employees will work better and be more engaged if you as a manager are playing to their strengths. How do you figure out what their strengths are? Here are... more